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Frequently Asked Questions -Licensing Systems

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are provided for general informational purposes only. While we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date information, the content herein is not necessarily exhaustive and may not cover specific individual circumstances.

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Patterned Concrete® differs from stamping tool manufacturers in many ways. Firstly, Patterned Concrete® does not directly sell stamping tools to the public. We only sell our stamping tools to our trained and licensed contractors whom upon being licensed join a comprehensive system of business support and development. Upon joining Patterned Concrete® a licensed contractor will not only be instantly recognized as an elite contractor, but will also gain access to exclusive Patterned Concrete® patterns, proprietary rigid mat stamping tools, professional specifications, trusted systems, marketing support, Patterned Concrete® finishing techniques, and connect with a web of top contractors whom support each-other through sharing experiences and tips.

While Patterned Concrete® is perceived as a generic and synonymous term for stamped concrete, it is actually a registered trademark name. Patterned Concrete® differs from other stamped concrete installers in many ways. Firstly, Patterned Concrete®’s history and origins; having been a leader in the industry since 1972 and one of the pioneers of proven stamped concrete finishing systems, the brand has a strong reputation and name in the industry. With that being said Patterned Concrete® maintains its original company values of delivering perfection. Patterned Concrete® methodologies take no shortcuts and often go above and beyond to ensure a quality long lasting installation that is often customized to meet the particular needs of a project. Patterned Concrete® is the manufacturer of various stamped and architectural concrete finishing systems. Patterned Concrete® consists of licensed and trained professionals that specialize in the field of architectural concrete finishes.

Patterned Concrete®’s proprietary rigid mat stamping tools add many benefits to the finish of a project. An important detail of our stamping tools is the blend of premium urethanes and other materials to create the most natural looking detail in the stamping tool finish. These materials create a rigid stamping surface while the finish brings a high level of detail in the pattern texture. With increased rigidity the Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor is able to see various benefits from the tools itself. The rigidity benefits the contractors ability to get onto the concrete earlier, ultimately allowing more time to stamp the concrete while maintaining a more consistent levelling in the finish. Additionally getting on the concrete slightly earlier will increase the detail of the texture in the surface and with the additional time it will be easier to maintain consistency of the finish in a larger area. Another important mention of Patterned Concrete®’s stamping tools is the increased amount of tools within a set of patterns. This is an implementation to reduce repetition within a pattern by increasing variation, in turn, delivering an optimal natural finish. Another great benefit of the Patterned Concrete® stamping tools is the longevity and ability to take wear and tear. The tools are built to last over 35+ years and have been proven through the test of time. Additionally, the Patterned Concrete® rigid mat stamping tools are molded from actual natural materials around the world for the most realistic looking finishes. With all of these great capabilities, Patterned Concrete® also possesses the ability to manufacture custom stamping tools and is always doing R&D for new pattern creation, in which all created patterns are exclusive to Patterned Concrete® Licensed Contractors.

While we do not sell our stamping tools to anyone without a Patterned Concrete® license, we do offer contractors limited licensing agreements on a project basis. This is in the event that Patterned Concrete® brand finishes or stamped concrete finishing systems are specified in a location where there is no Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor. In this case, Patterned Concrete® offers a limited license to an approved and certified local low bid contractor to install the specified stamped concrete finishing system and supply the specified stamping tools and materials. Patterned Concrete® follows a strict screening process when certifying contractors globally and provides training, consulting and technical resources to ensure the licensed contractor is adequate for the install. This agreement is solely on a project basis where Patterned Concrete® is specified and after the project is done the stamping tools are returned. Essentially the limited license agreement allows contractors globally to install Patterned Concrete® stamped and architectural concrete finishing systems through the procurement of the necessary stamping tools and materials for the specified finish.

Becoming a Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor requires an initial investment. Before a contractor can make the investment it must be understood and confirmed that the contractor has the typical facilities and machinery to run a successful growing construction company. This is all identified and verified in the initial screening process. The initial investment covers licensing and legal fees, marketing fees, stamping tools, and training. Training fees and sessions are varied based on various requirements and demands of different contractors.

On top of this, becoming a Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor requires a high level of professionalism and integrity in your workmanship. In order to represent the Patterned Concrete® brand we need to ensure you are aligned with our brands vision which is architectural excellence at all costs. While Patterned Concrete® provides a high level of training and various resources and support for the development of the licensed contractors business, a large portion of the success remains on the contractor to meet the challenges of building their own business. Ultimately Patterned Concrete®’s support system and resources provides significant assistance in overcoming these challenges.

In this circumstance contact Patterned Concrete® Global and provide requested details of information of your trade territory. Patterned Concrete® will contact the original licensed installer and see if they are willing to activate the right of first refusal to purchase the territorial exclusivity if not already owned, or allow another non-exclusive territorial installer within the area.

Patterned Concrete® is a great investment opportunity for someone experienced in a contracting business of any sort. By becoming a Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor, a landscaper is able to offer hardscaping and landscaping services instantly creating a larger market for themselves. If you are already successful as a landscaper you understand and overcome the challenges of running a contracting business. Concrete is not exactly the same as landscaping as there can be increased liability if the correct steps are not taken. However, your lack of experience with concrete is not an issue as the Patterned Concrete® training will require valuable in-depth and on-site experiences that instantly set you apart from other contractors. Patterned Concrete® offers continuous support throughout the entire term of the license and is just a phone call away for additional training or consultation. Licensed contractors benefit from a network of peers, serving as valuable resources for discussions, learning, and mutual business development.

All Patterned Concrete® training fees are variable based on each individual contractors specific needs. It is important that training, detailing techniques, and brand image / values are thoroughly understood if a contractor wants to represent Patterned Concrete®.

The fees vary between each Patterned Concrete® licensing agreement. The initial fee for a Patterned Concrete® license is an initiation fee to inherit the brand trademark name. Additionally a fee for your specified trade territory which is derived from the population market size. It is up to the contractor to choose territorial exclusivity or not. Other start up fees such as degree of training required, the stamping tools you choose to purchase can vary the price of your license agreement. Fee values will be disclosed upon contact.

Marketing Fees/ Maintenance Fees: The Patterned Concrete® licensing agreement has on going license maintenance fees for marketing services to cover Patterned Concrete®’s cost associated with brand promotion; professional specifications, trade shows, seminars, social media, and other marketing avenues to drive lead generation for our licensed contractors businesses. Fee values will be disclosed upon contact. Fee payment schedule is negotiable between monthly, or quarterly.

Joining Patterned Concrete® instantly gives your business recognition within the industry. Being able to represent Patterned Concrete® is a large benefit for contractors due to the consistent marketing initiatives from the company. Most importantly Patterned Concrete® persistently participates in various industry events such as trade shows and conferences to represent the brand and drive leads with architects and specifiers. In addition, Patterned Concrete® allocates resources towards professional specifications and online subscriptions for advertisements in highly sought-after locations. Not only this, but Patterned Concrete® participates in various lunch and learn style online seminars to consistently update architects on the benefits of Patterned Concrete®’s systems. The licensed contractors can also opt in to have Patterned Concrete® operate their social media accounts for them (while providing the necessary contents). Patterned Concrete® will supply all of its licensed contractors with updated and new brand materials as marketing resources to be used customized with individual license names. We will also supply Patterned Concrete® logos with your trade territory or license name for your own use. By joining Patterned Concrete® you become a part of our team we represent you as we represent ourselves with the goal of mutual business development near.

While leads are not guaranteed, becoming a Patterned Concrete® licensed contractor quite often generates you leads based off the trust and recognition of the name. This trust and brand quality has been instilled in architects, designers, and homeowners since 1972. Additionally all of the marketing support and efforts that are listed above are all important factors and resources to drive lead generation for our licensed contractors. Whether its through a commercial project specification or a homeowner recognizing the name, we are confident Patterned Concrete®’s brand image will drive leads to your business. Any leads that we receive within your trade territory are sent directly to the licensed contractor(s) in that area.

Patterned Concrete® training sessions vary drastically amongst different contractors specific needs. What remains consistent between all training sessions is a company orientation on history, brand image, and company values. All of these are very important aspects to understand when representing Patterned Concrete® as our core values set us apart within the industry. Additionally, variable training on brand material use and installation techniques can vary amongst contractors based on their current skill levels. It is important that all Patterned Concrete® licensed contractors are confident and adequate in Patterned Concrete® installation techniques and brand representation.

Patterned Concrete® contractor training sessions can be held at various locations. Whether it be at our mock up area at our Canadian location, a nearby licensed contractors yard, or at your own yard - Patterned Concrete® will ensure that you get the training you need in a convenient location. It is also an option that we will have you come out to one of our licensed contractors live sites at a nearby location and have you shadow the process. We will go through a standard training procedure and adjust any additions or deletions based on our screening results. Furthermore Patterned Concrete® offers ongoing support to all of its licensed contractors we are just a call away, we are here to meet your demands in growing and supporting your business.